MEDRC projects have the advantage of insight from the technology, medical, and the business arenas, significantly increasing the chances that a device will fulfill a healthcare need as well as be profitable for companies supplying the solutions.

With a new trend toward increased healthcare quality, disease prevention, and cost-effectiveness, such a comprehensive enterprise is crucial and a doorway to improved healthcare practices nationwide.

MEDRC research projects are defined jointly by faculty, researchers, physicians, and clinicians, along with the Center’s industrial partners. A visiting scientist from a project’s sponsoring company, present at MIT, serves as the champion translator for bringing innovations back to the company for commercialization, providing the industrial viewpoint necessary to realize the needed technology.

Thyroid Elasticity – Early Clinical Data

Authors: Sisir Koppaka, Matthew Gilbertson, Dhyani Manish, Anthony Samir, Brian Anthony

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Limb Imaging for Prosthetic Fitting

The quality of a prosthetic fitting is determined by the biomechanical interaction between the prosthetic socket and the residual limb. An optimized fitting can improve muscle usage, relieve pressure points, and improve overall mobility.

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Early Warning System for Sepsis/Septic Shock

Authors: Michael Filbin, Andrew Reisner, Thomas Heldt

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