Transforming the medical electronic device industries

MEDRC establishes a partnership among the microelectronics industry, the medical devices industry, medical professionals, and MIT. Working together, we innovate and improve the cost and performance of medical electronic devices.

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Innovation realized

Our projects are defined by MIT faculty, physicians and clinicians, and our industrial partners. We work together to conduct research, create device prototypes, and develop clinical tests that make healthcare innovation a reality.

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Collaborative Leadership

The MEDRC vision draws on experience and expertise from across MIT in order to establish the collaborations critical to success.

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Successful realization of a vision demands innovation. The Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC) is revolutionizing medical diagnostics and treatments by bringing healthcare directly to the individual and to create enabling technologies for the information-driven healthcare system of the future. This vision will in turn transform the medical electronic device industry.

The MEDRC serves as a focal point for established businesses, for venture-funded startups, and for the medical community. The Center fosters the creation of prototype devices and associated intellectual property and aims to serve as the catalyst for the deployment of innovative healthcare technologies that will improve the delivery and reduce the cost of healthcare in both the developed and developing world.